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Designer Hackett London Bespoke Glasses; model Hackett London HEB092 Matte Brown, acetate frame, colour code 187. These uniquely stylish glasses exude a design quality above all others. There is a contemporary twist that draws inspiration from the retro style of the Sixties. Not only are the designer Hackett London HEB092 Matte Brown glasses great value for money, they are also supplied with a Hackett London case and cleaning cloth. All Hackett London frames are 100% authentic and supplied as frame only or with your prescription lenses.

Colour options: Black GradientBrown GradientMatte Black and Matte Brown.

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Frame Dimensions

Lens Width: 54mm

Bridge Width: 17mm

Lens Height: 33mm

Temple Length: 145mm

Hackett Bespoke HEB 092 Matte Brown

Manufacturer: Hackett Bespoke

Product Code: HEB09218754

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Transition Lenses ® Informationreset

Lens Type: Frame Only

Supplied with the manufacturers lenses. Not suitable for fashion use.

Lens Type: Fashion Use

Supplied with non-prescription plastic lenses. Select this option if you would like to wear designer glasses with non-prescription lenses and have no vision issues that need correction.

Lens Type: Single Vision Lenses

Select this option if you need your spectacles to correct your vision for distance, computer use or reading.

Lens Type: Bifocal Lenses

Glasses with two distinct optical powers, they have a visible line that marks the two different zones of the lens.

Lens Type: Varifocal Lenses

Progressive lenses can be called progressive addition lenses (PAL), progressive power lenses (PPL) or graduated prescription lenses.

What are progressive lenses? Multifocal lenses help people see clearly across all distances, without the need to switch glasses. An alternative to bifocals or trifocals, they correct refractive errors like presbyopia (age-related far-sightedness, common in people over the age of 40).

How do they work? A channel (or corridor) of different lens powers runs down the front of a progressive lens. This seamless channel allows the wearer to look up to see objects at a distance, look straight ahead to see objects at middle distance, and down to read or do other close-up activities without changing glasses.

What are the benefits? Progressive lenses are often preferred aesthetically as they don’t have the visible line that marks the two different zones of a bifocal lens (or lines, in the case of a trifocal lens). Instead, progressive lenses provide a seamless graduation of lens strength. This avoids the jump in vision a wearer gets with bifocals and trifocals, and actually trains the eye to improve vision.

Required for: Distance Use

Used for driving, watching TV and general use.

Required for: Reading

Used for reading, sewing or close work.

Required for: Intermediate or VDU

Computer use.

Standard lenses

1.5 index (lenses are priced per pair). Recommended for prescriptions between +2.50 and - 2.50. The most common type of lens used today. Tougher, lighter and safer than standard glass lenses and more comfortable to wear.

1.6 Thin Lenses

Thin and Light lenses - 1.6 Index lenses (lenses are priced per pair). Up to 25% lighter and 20% thinner than standard 1.5 Index lenses. Recommended for prescriptions above + 3.00 or - 3.00. These lenses are ideal for higher prescriptions. They are lighter, look better, and will work well with all frames.

1.67 Ultra Thin Lenses

Thinner and Lighter lenses - 1.67 Index lenses (lenses are priced per pair) . Up to 40% thinner than standard 1.5 Index lenses. Recommended for prescriptions above + 4.00 or - 4.00. This lens is ideal for higher prescriptions, the lens is thinner and lighter than standard lenses resulting in a better finish.

1.74 Super Thin Lenses

Thinnest and Lightest lenses - 1.74 Index lenses (lenses are priced per pair). Up to 50% thinner than standard 1.5 Index lenses Recommended for prescriptions above + 4.00 or - 4.00. The ultimate in thinness and lightness, 1.74 Index lenses are currently the thinnest and lightest plastic lens available.

Scratch-resistant coating

An anti-scratch or scratch-resistant coating is a coating that is applied to your optical lens surface. The coating does not interfere with your vision quality or the lens function, but creates a permanent bond with the lens that reduces the appearance of hairline scratches which is common to prescription lenses. Though an anti-scratch coating is not 100% scratch-proof, it helps to prevent minor scratches that can easily happen to a regular lens. These minor scratches can damage the surface of the lens and impair vision. An anti-scratch coating acts as a protective layer that making the lenses more durable.

Anti-scratch/Anti-glare coating

An anti-glare or anti-reflective coating helps to reduce glare and reflections on optical lenses. With uncoated lenses, much of the light reflects off the lenses, this produces glare and can reduce vision clarity. Light reflections are a visual and cosmetic problem. Anti-reflective coatings increase light transmission through the lenses. They make it easier to see and easier for others to see you. These coatings are especially useful for those viewing computer screens and driving at night.

Crizal Alizé

Crizal Alizé offers excellent all-round clarity of vision; combining incredible smudge repellence, scratch resistance and anti-reflective performance. Crizal Alizé’s advanced MAR coating fills in microscopic cracks to produces a near perfectly smooth surface. This makes it 3 times more repellent and 10 times easier to clean than standard uncoated lenses.

Crizal Forte™

Crizal Forte™ is the groundbreaking lens coating that takes scratch, dirt and reflection elimination to a new level. It provides the most advanced and enduring protection for wearers, thanks to the latest technology in HMAR, making Crizal Forte twice as scratch resistant as Crizal Alizé. Crizal Forte™ also offers a No Quibble Two Year Consumer Guarantee Against Scratching and Manufacturing Defects.

Crizal Prevencia™

The first clear lens which protects your eyes against harmful UV and Blue-Violet light, lets essential light pass through and guaranteea optimal vision and durable transparency.

Transition Lenses ®

Sunlight exposure can be harmful to your eyes and forces them to constantly adapt to changing light, causing discomfort and sometimes even pain.

Transitions adaptive lenses quickly adapt from clear indoors to fully dark in bright sunlight. Transitions lenses react to changing light, instantly protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Transitions lenses are the number one optician recommended photochromic lens worldwide.

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