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How to Order

What do I need?

With a frame only order, you are not required to supply any other information, simply 'Add to Basket' and proceed to checkout or continue shopping.

In order to buy prescription glasses / lenses, choose the frame you are looking for and then select your prescription lenses. Prescription details are added to your lens order.

Which options do I choose?

Lenses:  Lens thickness / material of your lenses, see lens options for details.

Lens coating:  This is the lens coating you require for your lenses, this option is added to your lenses option.

Transitions lenses:  With Transitions lenses, the lens option and lens coatings are combined in the total price.

Prescription details are added to your order. Please check all details are correct in the checkout page. Prescription lenses can only be supplied to customers aged 18 years old or more with a current prescription; less than two years old.

By law, an optician must provide you with a written prescription once your test is completed. You are not required to buy glasses from the optician who tested you. As with a doctor’s prescription, it is your choice where you choose to fulfil this prescription.

You will also need to know your PD (pupillary distance) measurement, this is not part of your prescription and is not always included with your prescription but it is required to fulfil your order. Simply ask your optician for this measurement when they are handing over a written copy of your prescription. Most opticians will provide this information for free, some others may ask you to pay a small "admin" fee for this service. Our advice would be to find an optician who will provide this information for free, after all there is no reason why you should not be their customer as well as ours.

Alternatively you can use the industry average measurement of 63mm for distance or 60mm for near. A large proportion of our glasses use this average PD measurement, which is suitable for most spectacle wearers.

Buying glasses online?

Almost all online retailers use the same lens manufactures and often the same laboratories to have prescription lenses produced as high street opticians. There is no variation in the quality or performance of your prescription lenses when they are purchased online. Each purchase will be made to the same high standard regardless where you buy them from, especially as lens manufacturers and laboratories supply both online and retail opticians.

At Framed Indulgence you can pay with all major credit or debit cards. We use Cardsave, a member of the WorldPay Group, the UK’s largest card processor or PayPal to process your payment, you do not need to have a PayPal account to use this service. All online payments are made through a secure online payment system which is available at any time of the day. To ensure that your card details remain secure, Framed Indulgence do not store any of these payment detail.

Don't forget that all frames purchased have a 28 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not pleased with your purchase, we'll be happy to make an exchange or refund the frame price.

Online and high street opticians are simply different ways in which you can purchase prescription glasses or sunglasses. The main differences are that high street opticians have the ability to test your eyes and that the final cost to you is lower online. High street opticians provide a service that online retailers are not able to provide but what we can do is supply the product you desire at the powest possible price.

Will my glasses suit me?

To ensure your glasses suit you, we recommend that you try a frame before purchasing prescription lenses. There are a number of ways to do this before ordering them:

  • Try the frame at home, by ordering a frame only from Framed Indulgence. A frame is posted to you to try on at your leisure, allowing you to see what the frame looks like on. Once you are happy with the frame, you can then send it back to be glazed with your prescription.
  • Look at a pair of glasses you find comfortable, check the inside of the frame to find the frame size. Frame sizes have a standard format, for example: 52-18-135:  the lens diameter is 52mm, the bridge is 18mm and the arm length is 135mm.
  • Try the same frame at a local optician, then save money by buying the frame at Framed Indulgence.