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Transitions® lenses

Transitions® lenses change from clear to dark in different light conditions, they will darken when activated by UV light and return to clear indoors when you are no longer exposed to the UV light. They are available in Grey or Brown with the following index options; Standard 1.5 Index, Thin & Light 1.6 Index and Thinner & Lighter 1.67 Index lenses. We have added some video to show how the lenses change in different light conditions.

Transitions® / Photochromic Lenses

Transitions® VII adaptive lenses offer advanced photochromic lenses with enhanced performance for healthy sight. Essilor Transitions® VII lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions to reduce eye fatigue and eye strain. They are darker outdoors, particularly in hot temperature.


  • Even darker outdoors, particularly in hot temperatures.
  • As clear as a clear lens indoors
  • 100% UVA & UVB radiation blocked
  • Consistent performance across all materials


Thanks to Crizal Forte, Essilor Transitions® VI lenses return to clear faster.


  • After 15 minutes outdoor exposure, brown darkens to 15% LTF and grey darkens to 12% LTF * with over 90% of this reaction occurring in the first minute
  • Very clear in unactivated state - brown & grey 95% LTF
  • Indoor recovery rate to 70% LTF after 5 minutes for brown and 7 minutes for grey *
  • Performance improved with Crizal Forte
  • 100% UVA & UVB absorption

* (with Crizal Forte coating at 23°C)